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just a digi-babe pining in the moonlight

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Name: Renamon
"Real" Name: Reiko Akiyama
Serial number: 01110010F.
Room Number: F17
Roommate: Chise
Age: Appears 19
Main Language: Japanese.
Secondary Languages: Basic English. Binary.
Hair Color: Bright blonde with light streaks
Eye Color: Bright teal blue
Height: 5'6"

Other Characteristics: She is wiry and slender with sharp oriental features. On the back of each hand, she has large yin-yang tattoos, and purple lightning-shaped zig-zag ones on both cheekbones. She has a very large pre-combined yin-yang/pisces sign on each thigh, but that's usually buried under clothes....

Patient since: Day 32.
Series: Digimon Tamers
Timeline: At the end of the series.
Power status: Can tell if someone if human, Digimon, or other. Heightened hearing. Accelerated speed. Can slip out of the visible spectrum for five minutes at a time with an energy toll.

Status: Her right arm and hand has darkened skin. Heavy, obvious bandaging around her lower torso and slightly less over her upper back.

Equip: Radio, key ring, an extra set of batteries, flashlight, and precisely twenty-nine pens. Her notebook has a set of messy pages hiding the fact that she has the patient files of Yukari, Toph, Toboe, and herself.
Also, a gardening spade and a large clay shard the size of her hand, along with two pairs of heavy duty gardening gloves and a broom handle. She has a possessions box that holds a yankee mask, purple victorian lace gloves, a small t-shirt with a broken heart on it, and a toy digivice. Also, Toboe's bracelets, a photo, and a wolf stuffed animal.
She recently acquired many rubber items, a long extension cord, a number of batteries, a tool-kit and box-cutter, and a multitude of scalpels. Plus a brass knuckle with three inch blades on each circle--something like this, but not quite--as well as a knife and her jacket from Doyletown. Also in her possession is Dairine's laptop, currently dead.

On hand: Bladed knuckle, random scalpels, toolbelt with more blades.

For psychics:
Renamon is an open book. Though memories from the Digital World might be seen as binary.

For sensing beings:
Renamon is a Digimon in human form. Depending on the capabilities, she either comes off as full human, or something definitely not.

For heightened senses (aka smelling) beings:
Renamon, technically being a program, has more of a lack of scent. Her natural smell is bland, and slightly fox-like, though from her time in the human world, she also smells like technology, wood, and dust or sand. Her element is fire, so that as well if the character can pick it up.

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Listen to the Digimon. She doesn't want you like you want her. Really. Leave her be.

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